New Year, New Ideas

Ringing in a New Year always leads to a certain degree of reflection and the inevitable questioning from just about everyone of what you have planned to make this year bigger and better than ever before. I've never been particularly good at this, usually responding with the typical 'eat better, go to the gym, see my friends more' knowing full well that I already do these to a greater or lesser extent throughout each and every year so am unlikely to have the huge overhaul that a New Year's Resolution implies. More recently I have simply taken to not having a resolution at all, which I am fairly sure is socially unacceptable. 

Perhaps it is because I am a procrastinator. Or perhaps it is because I'm lazy. But either way the New Year has come and gone and I don't have a resolution. Oops. 

Yes, I could create one now, draw up a list of what I want to achieve in 2018 and wade into battle to make this year intentionally incredible. But it just doesn't appeal.

Perhaps it is because I have 'perfectionism paralysis'. (Not my choice of words to describe myself, but possibly accurate.) Why start a task that I may not excel at? Especially when I could mention in casual conversation that I maybe, sort of, want to do something, with far less commitment than an actual resolution that will be remembered and asked about. 


So what New Year's Resolutions do you have?

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Yes, I want to achieve greatness, but quietly in the corner with no one watching. I am British and painfully polite after all. 

But it is 2018 and a new year has started, with the past 12 months reflected on and reminisced over. And as the years march on by, my university friends kindly reminded me that soon we will have known each other for 10 years and next we will all be turning 30. THIRTY. Which led us to not New Year's Resolutions, but instead individual, finely tuned, lists of 30 before 30, or in my case 33 before 30 as I had a surge of inspiration at the end. 

So now I have 30 (33) things to make my next two years intentionally incredible. With the theory that these ideas span a range of areas interesting and important to me. That some can be achieved as of tomorrow if I so desire and others will take more investment whether that be time or money to tick off. Many will be achieved with friends and loved ones dragged along to participate in my madness; others will require my own personal dedication and determination. I certainly may not cross every single item off my list before I hit 30, but that's okay too. 

So here is my list, up for anyone to look at and question me on. You might notice that 'create a blog' appears, that isn't an accident.

Let me know below what you have been inspired to seek to achieve and if a list of fun things might suit you more than a New Year's Resolution.

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30 before 30 Bucket List: My Alternative New Year's Resolution
30 before 30 Bucket List: My Alternative New Year's Resolution