where are you from?

I don't fit the stereotype seen in popular culture, but I am very much an Essex girl through and through! Born and raised, with the same for my father, I'm proud to call Essex my home. After a short stint in the South of France, I now live in London - not far from my mother's childhood stomping ground. 

But if you're wondering why I'm not a blonde, well that's on account of my mum. She not only rounded out my Essex accent with her London one, but also passed on the dominant Hong Kong genes. The name Yasmin Dick, well I have my English roots to thank for that.

what training programme(s) do you use?

Right now, I don't have a particular programme that I am following. In the past I have completed Insanity, which I can attest is INSANE both in terms of a hardcore workout and results. 

I try to focus on weights and strength building over cardio with my workouts, on account of my natural build. I find that if I slip into cardio I get a bit 'scary' looking and my family will usually start raising concerns about my health and having a balance. Yoga has been a part of my life, to a greater or lesser extent, for 10 years plus. I love it and would love to take the time to do more. 


how did you build your blog?

First I tried Wordpress...then after my frustration of not having the design and aesthetic 'just so' a more knowledgeable and talented friend took pity. The solution was Squarespace. It doesn't offer as much flexibility, but every option is beautifully designed. I'm pretty happy with the result, but always open to suggestions about the style and content, so please share any thoughts you have.


what is your favourite food?

I'm not sure I have a favourite dish. Really, the act of going to a restaurant and sharing a delicious meal with someone in an inviting environment takes precedence over the choice of cuisine. That said, the Chinese is a home comfort and a good Chinese restaurant is always welcomed and celebrated. 


how can i get in touch?

I'm a prolific Instagram user, check out my profile through the link below:

Alternatively you can send an email: